The Strategy of Playing Slots

Some people say slot machines are the casino games with the easiest rules that can be played without any knowledge whatsoever – you just bet, spin and wait for Lady Luck to smile on you. Well, this is true – the only basic decision a slots player can take is to spin or not to spin. The outcome of the spins is influenced by only one thing – mathematical probabilities.

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When it comes to online casinos, though, there are a number of things to be considered besides the action itself of playing the slots – bonuses, loyalty points, bankroll management and even slots tournaments. Not to mention the progressive jackpots that – if won – can essentially change the player’s life.

Comp points and VIP levels
Comp points – complementary points awarded to online casino players for betting – are the online casinos’ way to reward their loyal players. These points – usually called loyalty points, club points or VIP points in most online establishments – can be used for a variety of purposes at online casinos. In many online casinos these points are used for clearing the welcome bonuses. In others they can be exchanged for cash prizes, tournament tokens and such. With the increase of comp points players are usually included in higher VIP categories, that have their own set of benefits – free cash, exclusive tournaments, higher payout limits and more.

Playing online slots is a good way to increase the players’ comp point count, even if the winnings are not huge at all.

Special bonuses for slots players
Many online casinos, especially the ones focusing on online slots, offer special bonuses for slot machine enthusiasts. These can be of different matches on deposits, with wagering requirements also focusing on online slots. These requirements are usually easier to achieve than in case of the usual casino games, as slots offer a much higher speed.

Manage your expenses
This is applicable not just to online slot machines, but to most online casino games and poker – don’t play more than you can afford. This is the best strategy to follow when playing online slots: set your limits for winning and losing and – most importantly – stick to them. A multi-payline high-bet slot machine can empty your pocket in no time if you are not careful. Make sure you don’t pursue a huge jackpot and empty your account in the process.

Although there is not a single strategy that can help you win more at the online slots, with just a little caution you can certainly avoid losing more – and when you count the benefits, it might prove that you haven’t lost at all.

Good luck.

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